Rave Reviews

We found Townsend Photography through family and friends. They were excellent! Townsend was very helpful with everything. We were very happy with our photos. We encourage everyone to use them.

Abby Mundt

I chose Townsend Photography because of the great photos and the AMAZING things I heard from last year seniors. My session was so much fun, and relaxed...it came across in the photos what a great time we had.

I loved my photos so much, I even had people I barely knew coming up to me and saying, "Oh my gosh Ellie, I saw your senior photo and it's BEAUTIFUL! Can I have one?"

If you want fun people and great photos that won't look exactly like everyone else's, go to TOWNSEND!!

Ellie Drotning

When it came time for our son Alex to have his senior photos taken, we went straight to Townsend Photography. His session experience was relaxed and very easy with Townsend coming to our home.

We have recommended Townsend Photography to other families as they look for a photographer for their child's senior photos. Also, we are quick to remind that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the spirit of their son or daughter at this exciting time of life. With Townsend Photography, you truly get what you pay for...we were thrilled!

Linda Brick - Mom

My daughter had a blast getting her pictures done! Townsend Photography made her feel joyful and content while they took her photos and it shows in the finished product! For anyone looking for graduation pictures I would recommend Townsend without hesitation. I think some photographers tend to pose their subjects like the "glamour shots" at the mall. Townsend beautifully brought out my daughters natural beauty without changing the character of who she is. Townsend made not only the photo shoot a delight but the subsequent choosing and purchasing of the photos was fun and very convenient.

Jill Sikora - Mom

Townsend Photography photographed my brother for his senior photos and had a good experience. My photo experience was also very comfortable and easy. Townsend came to my house and took all of my photos in and around my home; I didn't have to go anywhere. The whole process was effortless and the photos turned out great. I highly recommend Townsend Photography, they take great photos and they make the experience very uncomplicated.

Dane Bjorklund

The reason I chose Townsend photography was because after seeing how well my sister senior pictures turned out (they were done at Townsend) I knew that it would be the perfect place for me to get mine done too.

I had a great photo experience. Even though it was super hot the day I got them done the atmosphere was so relaxed that the heat was not even an issue. It was great how my personal style was incorporated into my photos. The best thing though would have to be that the photographers came to my house, it made me feel more relaxed being in everyday surroundings which helped my pictures to turn out really well.

Since I had both senior pictures and a family portrait done by Townsend I know that no matter the situation the photos always turn out amazing. Plus, when I ask people with really good senior portraits where they got them done the answer is always Townsend Photography.

Molly Horton

Townsend Photography is awesome! Friendly, helpful, flexible...they make the kids feel comfortable. We'll be having Townsend come to our home next year for our next graduate.

Judith Harackiewicz - Mom

The whole photo taking experience was a blast. I started off not knowing what to expect and not used to that much camera attention. Townsend Photography was very patient with me and always wanted to get my opinion. I liked that the photos were taken at my home. This made the photos more meaningful to me and I don't see the same studio background or props in every other senior photo I look at. Townsend was very creative and found spots to take photos in that I never would have thought of.

Townsend Photography is creative and fun to work with. Option, cost and processes were well laid out ahead of time so there were no surprises. We had lots of great photos to choose from and have been extremely pleased with the senior photos we ordered.

Sally Fitzer - Mom & Tori Fitzer

I chose Townsend Photography because I knew that a lot of people from my school had gotten their senior photos there, making me curious to find out more. Also, I got a personal recommendation from one of my friends who said that the two women who came to her house were extremely enjoyable and always willing to listen to her preferences and opinions while still creating quality work. Lastly, I really liked all the senior photos I had seen as a whole, and how natural they looked being taken outside. The photos captured their personalities exceptionally well.

As far as the actual photographing went, I felt strangely relaxed since it took place in my own backyard. I found myself enjoying the whole experience with two people I had never met before. Anyone who can get you to act like your normal self when they've never met you before, and take great pictures at the same time is extremely talented.

I would say to future clients to be prepared to have a very fun time with Townsend because they make a point to make the session about you and what you want your photos to look like. Be open to new ideas and have fun!

Laura Whipple

We really enjoyed having Townsend Photography at our home to take our daughter's senior class pictures. We still talk about you and your assistant going upstairs into our daughter's room and her closet to find the most stunning clothing that she owns, and using it for the shoot. She had a lot of fun that day and I know it will be one of her long time high school memories. We also liked that you used both the natural scenery that our farmette provided. When we show the pictures to our friends and family they find it absolutely amazing that these great pictures were taken at our place, outside, without any additional man-made lighting! My wife and I have recommended Townsend photography many times and will continue to do so in the future.

Marty Johnson - Dad

My daughter truly enjoyed her photo session. Your suggestions were invaluable. My daughter felt very special since it is not everyday that one takes professional photos.

It was very convenient since you came to our home and because you are the artist it was amazing that you could make a tree the kids used to climb or rock wall or steps look cool. It was great that you looked in her closet and chose things you knew would photograph well. People at my workplace saw the proofs and would choose you for their photo needs. It was a very positive experience.

The Hainzingers

Wow where do I begin! It was an incredible experience, it made me feel so beautiful but without trying really hard. I love the idea that you come to my house to take the photos. Everyone Townsend Photography are a very talented, I was able to feel relaxed around Townsend instead of tense and awkward. I get so many compliments on my pictures, especially the one that is hanging in your studio. I still have your business card and recommend your business to whomever I can. It's like you can take the most random thing and make it into artwork. I am so thankful I made the right choice in choosing Townsend Photography.

Jocelyn Vertz

I was drawn to the simplicity of Townsend Photography both in b/w and color. The students look like themselves rather than the more posed look of other studios. The session was excellent...very organized and low/no stress. Having Townsend come to the house was a huge bonus; we did not have to worry about bringing the right stuff.

I would highly recommend Townsend Photography for the style of photography as well as the "at home convenience" and uniqueness of "your own home" back drops, and because Townsend works very well with these young adults.

Sarah Harari - Mom

I would recommend Townsend Photography as the #1 choice for convenience, quality, and artistic sense.

Joan Benca - Mom

I chose Townsend because I had heard really good things about it from last year's seniors, and many of my friends were doing it with Townsend. I also loved the fact that Townsend would come to my house - less work for me (and less stressful!)

My photo experience was wonderful. All of my outfits worked and I loved the spots that you picked to take the pictures. You both were extremely friendly and made the whole experience really fun; I felt like a movie star!!

I would recommend Townsend to anyone! The experience was great and my pictures came out wonderfully.

Jillian Laffrey