Senior Pricing Information

Specials for the Class of 2010!

Save up to $200 on the overall cost of your senior photography experience!!

Save $50 on your order if you schedual and pay for your session before May 15.

Save $100 on your session if it is before June 30 or $50 if your session is before July 31. (reg. $250)

Save up to $50 on your order if it is placed 2 weeks after your session.

Your perfect senior portrait starts with your customized photography session. This year the spotlight is on you!  Let us give you an idea of what you can expect when you select Townsend Photography:

On the day of your session we meet you at your home with its familiar surroundings.  Photographing you in this comfortable setting allows us to take creative and unique portraits tailored to fit you!  (We recommend your home for the session.  However, if you prefer a studio setting, we are happy to have you visit our studio instead.)  At your home we can help you choose outfits that will photograph well and make you look your best.  We also go and explore the immediate area to find a few perfect spots, both indoors and out, to use in your portraits.  Your session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes with UNLIMITED OUTFITS!! and we spend that time getting to know you, having fun, and taking some amazing photos.  All you need to do is smile - we will take care of everything else!

Sessions: Before June 31st: $150
                 Before July 31st: $200
                 After July 31st: $250

Session times are guaranteed upon receiving your session fee. This fee covers the Senior Portrait Session and your Yearbook Photo. Within one week following your senior portrait session, we will email you your video montage and a link to view your portrait session on our website. A hard copy of the video montage and proofs are available for purchase for an additional $50.

You should place your order within 2 weeks of receiving your online proofs. You must select and order your Yearbook Photo at least three weeks prior to the school deadline to avoid additional charges. Townsend Photography will deliver your Yearbook Photo to your school at no additional charge if you live in Dane County.

We retouch all ordered portraits to remove blemishes and to soften lines under the eyes. (Proofs are not retouched). We mount 8x10 and larger prints on artboard and apply a rich texture coating with a durable sealant for protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and age. This allows you to frame them without glass. Ask to see examples.

Portrait Packages: All photo sizes, other than wallets, include an unlimited number of poses.  The wallets included in each package are limited to a
single pose.)

Package One: $369                             Package Two:  $574
1 - 8x10                                                   2 - 8x10
2 - 5x7                                                     4 - 5x7
2 - 4x6                                                     2 - 4x6
48 wallets                                               48 wallets

Package Three: $689                           Package Four:  $714
2 - 8x10                                                   1 - 11x14
4 - 5x7                                                     2 - 8x10
4 - 4x6                                                     5 - 5x7
100 wallets                                             100 wallets

A la carte options are listed below and can be purchased with or without an accompanying package order. These options give you the flexibility to design a package that is just right for you.

$295.....20x24 ..............................$ 45.....8wallets

$250.....16x20 ..............................$ 70.....24wallets

$155.....11x14 ..............................$ 99.....48wallets

$ 95.......8x10 ...............................$149....100wallets

$ 55.......5x7

$ 65.......2-4x6

We also offer a variety of additional products such as canvas prints, gift collections, and framing.

Canvas Mounted on Stretcher Frame:
20x24 $450
16x20 $350
11x14 $250
8x10   $150

Creative Services:
These include color effects, watercolor, montage, double images, and much more!  Pricing depends on the specific service. Prices vary starting at $50 for color effects to $250 for other services. Ask us for more details.

Order Incentives:  Choose on of the following with a pose already ordered.

Order greater than $600 receive one of the following:

  1. 12 wallets
  2. 1 - 4x6

Order greater than $900 receive one of the following:

  1. 24 wallets
  2. 2 - 4x6
  3. 1 - 5x7

Order greater than $1250 receive one of the following:

  1. 32 wallets
  2. 3 - 4x6
  3. 2 - 5x7

Order greater than $1500 receive one of the first three and one or both of #4 & 5:

  1. 48 wallets
  2. 4 - 4x6
  3. 3 - 5x7
  4. Senior album for $365, originally $520
  5. Image CD and copyright for $650


Frequently Asked Questions

On-location, what does that mean?
We bring the studio to you, usually at your home or at a location that you choose. This enables us to give you a unique photo shoot that cannot be done in a studio.
What about clothing?
Select clothes that represent you and your personality. We like to recommend long sleeved, earth-toned tops and darker bottoms since they photograph best. You may also want to match your eye color and stay away from white layers underneath other shirts and tops.
What about my hair?
Wear your hair like you normally would. Haircuts and any coloring should be at least 7 days old. We try to catch stray hairs during the session but we don't know your preferences and tolerances for how your hair is styled. If necessary, artwork can be done at an additional charge to suit your preference.
What about my complexion (make-up)?
Not to worry! Any image you order from will have blemishes removed. If you have a cold sore or large bump that distorts the shape of you features, your session should be postponed.
What about my braces?
Through the wonders of technology, braces can be removed at an additional charge. So lets see that smile!
What if I wear glasses?
To avoid glare and distortion, it is best if you remove the lenses or borrow "blank" frames from your optical store.
What if I don't like my photos?
We truly hope this never happens, but if you are not totally satisfied, talk to us!! We will figure out the problem and solve it. We have a 100% GUARANTEE.
Color vs. Black&White and Cropping
Any of the photos in your proof book can be EITHER color or black&white. Some photos look better in b&w than in color and vice versa. We try to provide a various selection of composition and moods so you can decide which photos you like the best. If you do not like how we have cropped a photo, there is an option to change it.
There are so many good photos, how do I choose?
Let your heart determine your favorite image. Keep the advice of others in perspective. You will know which photos truly represent you.
Keep your portrait special. Your wall portrait should be the one and only. If possible pick a different image for gifts. Let visitors to your home enjoy seeing a sample of your entire session.
Can I order more photos later?
Of course! Additional photos can be ordered at any time.
Do you have any questions?
Having your senior photos taken and loving them is such an important part of High School. We want to make the experience unforgettable. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. We want to make this a memorable experience for you.